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  • Food Lion
  • 1 hour ago
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Pretty rude service by this cashier at food lion in Scottsville ky Add comment

Awesome customer service ! Went in spring hope store and up front they were ready to help with a smile! Beverley was very pleasant and making sure i was satisfied Add comment

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This item was purchased then i realized the seal was broken. Took it back and all that me and manager saw on shelf was open Add comment

Never again will I deliver to a Food Lion distribution center. Paid them 169.00 to unload truck. 5 hrs later still not empty. Went to ask when they would be done. Man got rude and said no idea. Dunn, NC distribution is horrible with rude people. Add comment

Joann Stagger works at Food Lion and she takes advantage of other customers she also had a person living in her house and they ended up having to go on the street to take I'll live because I paid rent out of a Social Security check Add comment

  • Oct 01
  • Food Stores
  • Franklin, North Carolina
  • 41

Purchased 4 cans Grands southern homestyle. When I arrived home and opened the bag, I discovered the lid on one can opened and the dough came out. I returned to the store, and took along the defective can. A manager took the opened can, and returned with another can in a bag. I did not inspect the replacement can, and returned home to find Grands Flaky Layer!!! I did not return to the store,... Read more

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  • Sep 21
  • Food Stores
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Food Lion Checkout
  • 56

I agree with you 110%. I thought it was just our store foodlion #2182. The girls behind the deli counter, talk about their weekends, and their Cousins. Its poor service, and they get your order completely wrong, you complain to customer service, they dismiss you, then you contact food lion corporate in salisbury nc. And file a complaint, and the black lady wants to know your address and has no... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Food Stores
  • Elkridge, Maryland
  • Food Lion Staff
  • 57

I was in the *** while cashier Amber was serving other customers at the counter. She did wish both black and white people, which she is expected to do as part of serving customers. When it was a turn for an Asian guy who was ahead of me in the *** Amber did not bother to wish ! A couple of other customers, non-asians, Amber did. It was my turn and given my past observation with Amber, as she... Read more

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I thought the bundle of ads thrown in the yards was just a problem in my neighborhood. I live in The Woodlands - 29229 and the ads trash up peoples yards for days. I know the home owners are suppose to pick them up. You would think a national company like Food Lion would do the right thing. Add comment

I have to agree about how the ads are delivered in Columbia SC. Don't litter our city by throwing the ads in our driveways. Use the postal service and have them placed in our mailbox Add comment

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