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The people how there is rude ,some of them snobby and the rest act like the have a bad day the close by store closes before 11 o'clock with out any notes Add comment

Food lion Elkin NC management is terrible. After a incident with a special needs child the general manager at that store has yet to contact our family. The assistant manager contacted us. The store manager was on vacation and has yet to call. As was told he would after returning. Never ever shop at that location. Add comment

went to food lion on rosevelt blv may 3rd 2016 at 915pm got my groceries put in basket. went to check out line only one open. two folks ahead of my very full baskets. manager finally saw me he was stocking in front of store. he knocked on safe and a young guy came out. he asked the lady in front of me with a rain check to check out at customer service where you boy whom came out safe. i followed the rain check lady as instructed to do at... Read more

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Last week they had a sale on pork chops. I bought a family package of boned in that looked real good.. But when I got home and opened the package I found out that I was a victim of "bait and switch". The layer on top look just like pork chops are supposed to look but the layer underneath???? They looked like no pork chop I have ever seen. In fact I did a Google image search on pork chops and never found a pic of what they gave me. They looked... Read more

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Food lion 1072 SC College Pk Rd--Should be ashamed your office assistant that always has a smile and very sweet to everyone. This girl runs circles around management at night helping anyone that might need it.. Today she looked as if she could crawl into a hole you could tell that child was sick from the moment me and my husband walked in and she said hello with the sadness in her eyes Right away we knew she shouldn't be standing there checking... Read more

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I have been becoming more and more dissatisfied with Food Lion over the past year. We live a block from one in Hudson, NC, and that is the ONLY reason we shop there. They continually move their store layout around. They keep expanding their alcohol selection and displacing more and more other merchandise. Now they have done a complete remodel and seem to have stuck the staple foods in obscure places and added more shelf space to make less... Read more

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Raleigh Blvd, Raleigh, North Carolina--this is a complaint-at 11:37:24am i went through the store as I normally do-I cashed in some coins at the coin changer and got a voucher-I went about the store and got a few things in my hand and went to check out-at register 001 via cashier 0201 on receipt 0030 I purchased the items, as I was checking out a few store employees came up near me and one lady the store manager I have known for a year or so,... Read more

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I was shopping at a food lion in Wilmington, NC on my lunch break at work. I was paying for my items, and my cashier, DaQuan, gave me back the wrong change. I politely brought it to his attention. He responded by stating " i know how to do math you *** white ***". I was in total shock that someone had just spoken to me like that. I have never been treated like that in my life. The store supervisor on duty came over only to defend her employee,... Read more

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I tried to purchased a "only 4 days" sale St. Louis ribs. It was not priced correct, but the manager assured me that it would ring up right at the cash register. It was not, and I was trying to tell Bill, the cashier, but he kept saying that I was was wrong, and he would gladly send it back if I didn't want to buy, he said that right in front of all the customers. That was embarrassing, and no customer service skill. He refused to even look... Read more

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Totally pissed! I spend no less than $300 a week on groceries in this store and have for many many years. My bank card was stolen so I needed to write a check for groceries this week. Nope. Do not accept business checks. What? I'm now left with no dinner or breakfast for my children. I am disgusted at the pure lack of customer appreciation! Easton Maryland store. Add comment

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