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I am a regular customer at this food lion go in almost on daily basis beings it is the only store within 25 mi.Just made a $60.00 purchase and forgot a item went back in to get 3 pks of cigs. walked out of store and noticed they were kings and I wanted 100s went back and was refused exchange It couldnt had been 30 seconds.The cashier informed her I had just gone thru line.They see me everyday and the lady from customer service Yells over ITS AGAINST THE LAW so all customers look at me like Im a criminal.She IS a nasty woman and should not be at customer service.

I was extremly embarrassed and havent been back since.She is a real life living douch bag and should be selling tickets for her as the side show. Must have just made her feel powerful or something.

Review about: Food Lion Cashier.

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