only 2 registers open new arrangement of products doesn't make sense. clerk not friendly or polite

your website is just as messed up as your Elkton Va store and believe me i f there was another grocery store in this town I would not shop with you.

this isnt the first time I have left there being discussed. There is no ad in our newspaper for this store.

prices poorly marked on shelf caps

today June 3, 2012 store #0596 clerk today Kelly do you want facts or fill up space? Same girl waited on me last week and I had to ask if her register was open as she was engaged in conversation with another employee

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #805889

is it just me or is your complaint really difficult to understand... take a grammar class before you complain about anything


If the cashier is not polite, it's because she has to deal with whiny folks like you for eight hours at a time and I can promise you... she is not making enough.

Portsmouth, Virginia, United States #585906

It's not that difficult, if the light is on she is open.....if the light is off, she is closed....America....

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