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I have shopped at this Food Lion only a few times, due to the RUDE customer service people. They YELL across the store to each other, one employee either is on his phone or has earplugs in listening to music.

He is a bagger/cart guy. I have noticed only 3 white people working there and I have e witnessed the "customer service" people yelling at them for really no reason. I have not seen the manager, and when I asked to speak to him I was told He is here, but not talking to anyone.

I have been in retail, including a grocery store and this is THE WORST store I have ever been in. I hope someone higher up will do something about the rudeness and the unprofesional feel in this so called place of bussiness.

Review about: Food Lion Manager.

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Naples, Florida, United States #624276

I want to know how exactly, any of this is YOUR business?? You are there to shop and leave. You are not the owner the manager or the boss. What they do on their job is your business.

Where do YOU work? I want to come watch you on your job, then I can jump on the internet and make a stink about everything you do that I think you should not do like it is any of my concern.

People like you should shop online and leave the retail workers in peace.

to LadyScot #640283

I'm with you Buddy! Some of these people should find jobs as grocery store critics! Sad, miserable bastards!

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