I shop at one particular store all the time. My family spends close to 1000.00 per month at this store.

We went to cash a 15.00 check and they declined it. WTF????? of course when I call the 800 #, its a recording. I have been writing a lot of checks because my debit card was hacked and I had to get a new one.

how long does this take to get corrected? If They were to check our records they would see we have never had a returned check and we have been using this particular Food Lion for over 10 years.

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Your obviously an ***


A check that is declined isn't something a Food Lion employee can deal with. It's not capable of being overrided or just blown off. That would be as if your credit card declined for some odd reason, even if you had credit, and we gave you the stuff anyway.


I'm an assistant customer service manager for food lion. I'm embarrassed to read these comments about food lion!

To the customers I personally aplogize ! The check part is true! When the check declines there's a 1-800# on the back for you the customer to call! There used to be a dept.

at corporate called check recovery specifically for checks but that's gone now! If that ever happens again the cashier needs to show you where to find the 1-800# or simply go to the service desk and they will you give a paper with all the info you need to call.


Food lion operates with another company when it comes to checks. If your check was declined, it had nothing to do with food lion but the company that it operates with.

I am sorry about the check, though! I've had that happen before, and it was quite embarrassing because I had the money.


Supermarkets cash checks when you buy something and you can get cash back. Did you ever hear of carrying real cash? It works well and is accepted anywhere and youcannot *** cash!

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